An Introduction to SEO Practices for Beginners

Good for you - You're using Google to find my "how to SEO" blog, which has been SEO optimized specifically for YOU to find it. Yesh. You. That's the way this works you see? Google is used to fetch websites which it believes will be useful for what you're searching for, and is pretty damn accurate don't you think? It's like you're here by destiny. 

My name is Michael Fox. I'm an entrepreneur (thank God for spellcheck) and SEO (search engine optimizer).

I'm going to teach you everything I've learned through the past several years of the internet and I kicking each others ass. Many resources are not newbie friendly, but I plan on doing exactly that for you. I'm going to assume you know jack shit about SEO and business/brand building.

So, what's my story and why do you care?

In 2007 I had just finished LASA HS in Austin, TX and I was equipped with a magnet diploma and a full ride scholarship to the University of Washington and a Presidential scholarship to Arizona State. At first I wanted to study particle physics and work at CERN (birthplace of the world wide web), but even though it was a hobby of mine to study physics, I knew it would be boring as fuck and wouldn't make me millions. <- True I was a greedy 17 year old

So I decided NOT to go to college and instead start my own musical instrument business selling custom built guitars. No, I had no idea how to build them or how to sell them - I didn't even have startup cash; I just knew I wanted to be in business more than Kanye West wants to publicly slam Taylor Swift all the time, and... that's a lot!


I didn't know what the hell I was doing, nor did I even have a website until years later -- and I made every single SEO mistake you possibly could. 

I now help manage several companies with their SEO needs including kratom vendor Soul Speciosa, female oriented racing gear company Ride Like a Girl Racing. and several more (don't want to spam, yo).  I also founded the used panties company American Foxies - more deets on that later.


This is a "how to" SEO blog for beginners. Later, we'll talk about more advanced SEO, brand building and ecommerce building.